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worth noting

That at this point a Kasich/Sanders race would probably be neck and neck, Sanders would be up 10 on Trump and Kasich would be up 10 on Clinton.


Hopefully both the GOP "base" and the DNC establishment are diminished going forward as a result of this historic spectacle.


But the Great Unwind is coming on, right on cue. The way it had to be, I guess.


Whichever way the election goes, chaos is nearly assured. The likelihood that anything comes of the latest Clinton email news is probably approximately equal to the likelihood that Trump will lose any of his pending cases, including the child rape suit.


Other than confirming Phil Robertson and Ted Nugent for SCOTUS and cutting taxes on the wealthy, a significant portion of the GOP causus is unlikely to cooperate much with Pres. Trump. Odds now are tipping away from a Dem Senate so a Clinton Admin. will make the Obama years look like a lovefest.


BTW, what would have been strongly suspected at the time is now confirmed- immediately following Brexit the world central banks opened currency swap lines to infinite levels, thus avoiding an immediate crash of the pound and whatever else that may have engendered. The devaluation came later, in a more orderly fashion. 


Don't expect those guys you love to hate to save you next time there's a black swan. Then you'll hate them more for the conspriacy against Good People. Save some ammo though, the funhouse ride will just be beginning.




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The Queen



The Queen recently  said that this whole " Experiment " isn't working out too well, and they are ready to take us back anytime.


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Re: worth noting

Kasich the worthless piece of crap said he wrote in "McCain" I don't care if he did that or not, but to announce it makes him a piece of garbage. "Winning" the Whitehouse, if running someone like that is the only way thanks, let Hitlery have it.

To people actually have achoice with Trump. Hitlery is playing Russian roulette with a semi automatic.
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Re: The Queen

Don't know if the Queen wants you back or not but there seems to be some cracks in democracy in some parts of your country.

These people indicate they want it their way even if the majority decides differently.

Not the way a democracy is supposed to operate.


Peebles, a gentle-spoken Southerner, was wearing a psychedelic "We Are the Trumpions" T-shirt last week depicting Trump staring down a lion. But from the wood-panelled living room where she blares Fox News for the conservative musings of Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, her timid manner dissolved as she spoke of "revolution," a term that to some ears carries a whisper of violence.

"It's a call to action," Peebles said. And should Trump lose, "it's time for this country to react."

Re: worth noting

Leaving a Clinton admin. aside for the moment, a Trump admin is almost certain to be a catastrophe.


But People Who Have Done Everything Right will just move on, blame someone (probably a conspiracy).


Because the circumstances were so extreme, what else were they to do?


That is how you go about Doing Everything Right.

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Re: The Queen


It's sad that people seem to get their civics lessons from right wing media.


Also, we are no longer a democracy. But an Oligarchy in the truest, most literal  sense.


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Re: worth noting



I love how people announce that they don't care about something and then proceed to screech about it.


lol, then you describe sniffy the sex offenser's  exact actions but insert Hillary instead.


You fool no one but yourself.