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Senior Advisor

Re: would auditing the taxes of...

@kraft-t wrote:

Obama is not Richard Nixon. You have no evidence confirming that. It just more blowing scat against the wall to see if it will stiick.


Evidently you guys think government is free and that you shouldn't have to pay.I Know I know you think the money is wasted but not nearly as bad as spending trillions for war and preparing for war. Why don't other countries squander their peoples wealth on their military. Perhaps it is because the nation is governed by testosterone addicts that only get rtheir jollies when they have the biggest baddest weapons in the universe. Its the same **bleep** reason why you lust after the most powerful firearm that you have no reason to need.


And after all thoose trillions going into the military they cannot defend our ladies from letcherous GI's  

That's a question you need to address to Barack Obama and D i c k Hegel. Why did we squander billions in libya only to have them assassinate 4 of our own.