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Esteemed Advisor

wrecking the FDA

Going on the junk pile with the rest of the government.

But a larger feature for the GOP, rather than a bug. A lot of campaign cash has gone primarily to Republicans over the years to block FDA oversight of "the supplements industry."

That is a foundational piece of RW grift world.

If you can compound some cheap stuff and then get an affinity celebrity to help you sell if to their marks at pharma grade prices it is the closest thing to printing money there is.

Except recently, I guess, when actually printing money has been even better.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: wrecking the FDA

Also wrecking vaccines, a foundation of public health.

But then sell more supplements, HCQ etc!

Veteran Advisor

Re: wrecking the FDA

We watched Contagion a few days ago.  The movie came out in 2011 - but it’s amazing how close it mirrors what’s going on now, except the virus was killing many more, and faster, than CV19.

And, they had a huckster on there, hocking Forsythia as the “cure” for their virus.   All fake, just a scam for money.   Just like what has been happening now.   

And people bought into it - just like now.  But at least it wasn’t the President hocking the crap to the world. 

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying......