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ya think?

The leader of some national evangelical winger women organization was on NPR the other day and talked her way 720 degrees around how she wasn't endorsing Moore while she was.


She said that D's could win easily in places like AL if they'd just nominate candidates who are pro-life.


I'm thinking no, not in a million years, but it would neutralize the golden issue that the oligarchs and corporations use to advance their agenda. There'd need to be some very serious focus groupin' to figure out what to replace it with.

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bruce MN

Will have to stick with taxes on the rich


Bannon is right

other than stuffing the judiciary and stripping regs, Trump is stuck with just carrying water for McConnell/Ryan/Koch and hoping and praying for some sort of a win.


BTW, we probably should remember that Pence is those three things under a thumper skin. So we need to keep that in mind.


At the margin, the 10% or so of The Base that is figuring out that they're getting screwed is significant.


But hey, as Red would say, crack a corona and pass the popcorn. Hannity blames McConnell, WSJ blames Bannon, Bannon says his war on the GOP establishment is just getting warmed up.


I'm now predicting a D Senate in '18 and an FDR type wave in the House.

Senior Contributor

Re: Bannon is right

'Nox, what would you do without a conspiracy theory?  I understand they are good value for the money but like grain options they have a time cost.  Eventually (granted it might take decades) there is convergence and they get marked to market.


Aren't facts sufficiently persuasive?