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Re: I noted the Navalny co-opting and read on,

@bruce MN wrote:

Free country man. Freedom for you and your kids to say anything they please. 

Cancel paranoia is playing out like a famous Our Gang episode.

Driven by people who want desperately to say something but knowing up front that it’s going to hit a touchstone, but really really kinda, sorta wanna. 

House Democrats have made no secret of their ultimate goal with this hearing: to exert control over the content on these online platforms.

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Re: With regards to Hobbs, Locke, etc.


Re: With regards to Hobbs, Locke, etc.
@sam1wiseone wrote:
@rickgthf wrote:

Hobbs in particular would be outraged at your use of his political philosophy to justify your insurrectionist talk.  Hobbs made it very clear that citizens owe absolute allegiance to the sovereign, in his time the King, today the lawful government.


1776 dumb âss

it appears that little ricky really doesn't understand what happened in 1776