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How I Lost My Teeth

I was in the Texas Rose last night, at the bar waiting for a beer, when a butt-ugly, big old girl came up behind me … and slapped me on the butt.

She said, “Hey, sexy, how ‘bout giving me your number.

I looked at her and said, “Do you have a pen?”

She said, “I sure do."

I said, “Well, you better get back into it, before the farmer notices you’re missing.”

My dental surgery is on Monday.
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Re: How I Lost My Teeth

Your story reminded me of me being a dentist and my practice. When I began my career in dentistry, I had to perform a complicated surgery and was afraid to do it. I decided to take some courses to perfect my studies but didn't know where to start. Fortunately, my friend told me about, and I got interested in their services. It was hard initially, but as time passed, I became the best version of myself, and the fear was gone. I even managed to open my dental clinic and increase my profits.

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