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Senior Contributor

Robot bartender

You may have heard this before, but this is the updated version


Guy goes into a bar and finds that there is a robot bartender.  He sits down and the robot asks, “what’s your IQ and what’ll you have?”

The guy says, “my IQ is 150 and I’ll have a beer.”

So the robot serves him and talks to him about physics, space exploration and string theory.


The guy is curious and goes back again, this time when asked his IQ he tells the robot 100.   This time the robot talks about sports and everyday things.


Now the guy is so intrigued he has to go back, this time he tells the robot his IQ is 50.  The robot stops, locked up for a moment, then he leans over close to the guy and in a barely audible voice asks, “so, how do you feel now about your vote for Obama?”