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A dad was at an electronics store browsing and inquired about a robot that was on sale, what does that robot do he asked?  The store clerk said it was a lie detector robot, if someone tells a lie the robot will go over and slap them.  Dad found the robot intriguing and purchased it, took it home, and had the robot sit at the evening dinner table.


He asked his teenage son what he did this afternoon, the son said he was up in his room doing homework, the robot rolled over to the son and slapped him.  The son then said that he was over at his friends house watching a movie; what movie dad asked; and the son said Toy Story, and the robot rolled over and slapped the son again.  The son said, OK we were watching an X rated movie.


Dad said, when I was your age we didn't even know what X rated movies were, the robot rolled over and slapped dad.  Mom chimed in and said, well that's your son for you, and the robot rolled over and slapped mom.

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Haha good stuff.
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