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Lawyers, bankers and farmers were on the Titanic, when the titanic started going down the lawyers and bankers got off.  The farmers all stayed on the Titanic, with all of them saying: "It will come back up".

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Re: Titanic

Nailed  it  Ed,  and  I  heard  tell  of  a  gent  saying,   if  things  with  his  wife  being  like  the  good  ole  days,   he  would  drop  her  off  at  her  folks  place  around  midnight  -  yikes  -   -  - 

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Re: Titanic

Reminiscent of the farmer that prayed for corn to go to $4.  His prayers were answered but a year later he still had corn in the bin.  When God asked him why he hadn't sold the farmer said he figured it was going to go higher. 

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