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Actual Page Load Speed with Stopwatch

Good Morning John and Matt, Smiley Happy

I thought that I would take some actual measurements of the website at the quietest time of the day.....right at midnight Sunday night, Monday morning.

My actual internet speed is 11.7 Mb/sec download, with my test bouncing from Chicago.... so the speed is very good on my end.

With that data, I then licked on several pages and waited for them to load up.... Each one of the pages took an average of 22.6 seconds to go from click to functioning page.   The range was very similar.... 22.4 seconds to 22.8 seconds...... so it is very consistent.

I was using a Winblows Exploder (sorry, inside joke) Windows Explorer XP browser.

The speed is about the same, no matter which board I click on to.

I hope that you might find this data helpful.....  Craig. Smiley Happy