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I read here too




1.  Nearly every message on these forums is read by a human, but not in real time.  That would take too many staff and even then would cause some messages to be in a que until they were read and thus would slow down posting.  That is unacceptable.


2.  There are many messages that are caught by filters which are entirely inappropriate for various forums.  We see every message in the spam quarantine and other filters.  We have in the past seen examples of times when the system was nearly overwhelmed by various sports advertisements, financial offers from bogus companies and so forth.  Good filters keep that distractions off the forums and improve your reading and participation experience.


3.  There are a few messages which trigger the filter algorithms for various reasons and we try to get to them within the day.  For some reason these did not release.  Try re-posting them if they are not visible later today.


4.  We consider good filters as supporting our valued members.  Generally, avoid profanity and stay on the forum topics and member postings are welcomed and immediately visible.


5.  The various filters have several ways to improve their accuracy and they are continually "tweaked" to better serve their and your purpose.


6.  If you used a spell checker or other filter, it would have alerted you to the spelling of quarantine in your message.


This response will serve for your other message on this topic in a different thread.  If you have suggestions on how to better manage the site, a good place to post them is in the Admin forum rather than divert attention from Marketing Talk in this forum.  We hope we shared some information on what happened and why and are always learning on how to best support our membership.  Since this is an admin question, I will now close this thread and welcome your opening of a new thread in Admin if you care to.  Thank you for the feedback.  ""