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Re: I read here too

And I am fair enough to allow a "reply" to the comments... 



A filter for profanity can be defended in theory although keeping up with an ever changing slang of our culture renders it nearly impossible to do.  But a list of "profane" terms most popular could be appropriately filtered and if it were done consistantly the author would know immediately why it does not appear and would self edit quickly.  It does not happen that way..... unless there is different filtering for different areas of the community(which would be quite ""discriminating in this social engineering project)


4.  We consider good filters as supporting our valued members.  Generally, avoid profanity and stay on the forum topics and member postings are welcomed and immediately visible.

The judgement of appropriateness through the On or off topic filter says your members thoughts and participation are not "valued" or "supported".  Thinking "outside the "filter" box is not allowed.   You should reconsider the motive behind this statement.

Please take the time on this forum to provide me a complete list of those issues and subjects that do have an influence on markets, both international and local.  But being on topic is not really the issue is it?I want to know what the parameters  are and why in a free thinking society those of us in agriculture are considered "in need" of such elementary guidance.  Please take this challenge seriously.  I have seen very appropriate subjects in regard to moving markets sensored under the "off topic" censorship.


It is not filtering, it is censorship with a demand to "say what we think you should say"......  


I do use spell check......not in the case of quarantine,,,, left intentionally to see if the secondary spell check gets it.

It is a problem with posting.  I can type an entry using my spell check and between the time i hit the post button and the time it appears spelling gets changed...... simple stuff...  do becomes to    for example.