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Re: Posting pictures with an IPad

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Sorry Shaggy -- i had to run to town this morning and was late to my IT job here . 


So you are asking about how to post with your IPAD -   This just happens to be one of the most asked questions here on [ A ] .com -- But to answer your question , well he11 yes you can if your smart enought !

What i think your problem is , that your IPAD has probably got the Minnie Pad App = 3.9  in it and you may need to up-grade to the Maxi Pad  4.1 for down loading picture -- here on [A] .com , If down loading large photo's you may need to add the Maxi pad with wings 4.5 version  , For the most part you can pick up these down load apps. at wal-mart , If you have problems finding  them there , just ask the clerk ,  and tell them  your haveing problems with your IPad and need the upgrade to the Maxi Pad 4.1 or 4.5 .


That should do it ,


Have a great day , and thanks for posting on [ A ].com