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7200 J.D. tractor

I recently purchased a 7200 tractor on the internet.  It runs great and love the size and maneuverability for many small jobs.   My problem is that it will not go in reverse.  Forward gears work fine.  It happened all of a sudden with no advanced indication that anything was wrong.  Linkage seems fine looking at what I can see.  It has the four main gears plus the four power shift gears.   Sitting in the cab I can hear it shift as I shift through the power shift gears.  Any advise on my problem would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Roger

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Please see Ray's response below:


It is extremely hard to diagnose an issue such as the one with your 7200 via an e-mail but I do have some ideas.
I would try going into fourth gear first and then see if it goes into reverse. I like to pick the low hanging fruit first and not complicate things more than they need to be. If this is the case (and even if it does not work) the most likely cause is a linkage issue. Another possibility but much more remote is a sticking engagement over -ride valve.
I would get a copy of the JD manual for that tractor and see what they say. Often us farmers try to fix things without the book and with rare exception the results are poor.
With a helper check the linkage and even disconnect it to confirm looseness or wear.
Please let me know what you find.
Ray, SF Engine Man