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Boomer 33 2015 DPF filter, need to force a regeneration but only the Dealer can
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New Holland Tractor

Boomer 33



Dealer connected diagnostics to force regeneration.


Never found  a way for owner to force a regen.


Seems sad that the design would trap you like this such that you must go to the dealer and you can not buy a diagnostic tool even as an owner to resolve these issues.


If you want a new tractor I would ask the dealer how your going to keep it going as an owner if they lock you out of some of the most basic task like regeneration of the DPF.


RUN THE RPM at or above PTO in order to keep this tool out of the shop on limp mode.     EPA kind of screwed up.   There is no way in hell this tractor will pollute less if you

need to burn tanks and tanks of diesel to burn out the suit.   My guess is its like the VW issue, nobody calculated the complete cycle required and the total fuel burned when they allowed this design.

The good news is when my boomer 33 runs it has a lot of power.   If the Manufacturer would sell me the diagnostic tool along with all the manuals I bought I would feel different but it may be impossible to keep this tractor in service and the super high RPM required will surely wear out the engine sooner rather than later.

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