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Can canola oil be substituted for diesel
Good evening.
I've been hearing alot lately about some Montana growers producing their own canola oil for use in their tractors. Apparently they have invented an engine accessory that switches fuel from diesel to canola oil when the engine temperature is high enough. Is this legitimate?
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Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting SF in regard to what you heard some Montana growers are doing with canola fuel.
I personally have not heard about the Montana example you quote but I have heard of others.
I did write a one page article for SF about biodiesel which I am a big fan of. It ran a few issues back.
It is a great fuel when it is made properly. The only thing wrong with biodiesel is that it is too easy to make "bad" fuel and end up hurting an engine or the fuel system. Thus, it is my opinion that other than a hobby engine, I would only use a refinery produced certified biodiesel in any application that I use for the business of farming. Often times it is more of an engineering exercise or bragging rights to say that you made your own fuel. But when things go wrong with a home brew they usually go real wrong and cost a good deal of money to repair or have you forfeit the time in the field that is so critical to a successful crop or harvest.
Thanks so much for contacting me and if you would like to discuss this or any other engine topic please do not hesitate to contact me at:
Have a blessed day,
Ray T. Bohacz Successful Farming Magazine
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After having trouble with Roosa Master injection pump, I have been particular about diesel fuel=where it comes from, handling=including being over protective about water contaminiation...Stihl very slow to adhere to the soy diesel..


Kind of old fashioned maybe?


Sorry about the lines, trying to take care of that..