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Got another question, oil pressure this time.

I have a 4430 with 7000 hrs, doesn`t use a drop of oil.  A couple yrs ago the oil pressure gauge developed a "quiver" on the needle, I use it for light duty work and if it had a "idiot light" you`d never know it had a problem.  Is the problem perhaps the gauge, given that the motor is tight?   I use JD 15-40 oil, change every 60-70 hrs.


Also, I have a truck with a 427 Chevy motor, the oil pressure is good at speed or "cold" but warm and idling it drops to 22lbs, it`s done that for years and been okay.  Mechanics that I talk to say "that is normal with that motor".  I use the recommended 10w-30 oil.  It just seems to me that 22lbs is scary low, but again if it was a idiot light, you`d never know.   Thank you.

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4430 could be a poor connection of the wire to the sending unit. Could be the sending unit itself. Turn it out and screw in a gage. Bet if you did it would stay stable.


427: remember the pressure is only low while it is at idle, doesn't need much then.

by on ‎05-28-2014 05:33 AM
Thank you 3020. The 4430 probably just has gremlins in the sender. On the 427, it sure would be nice if those motors would hold 40lb at idle like everything else. Smiley Happy