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my new holland balewagon madel

my  New Holland bale wagon model #H9880 engine oil seample reveals fuel in excess in the engine oil.  I'm wondering if this is a common occuring problem and haw to approach the trouble shooting of the problem.

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Please see Ray's response below:


"Any fuel, gasoline or diesel, is not good in the oil since it greatly reduces the oil's ability to lubricate and protect.

I do not know if your bale wagon is gas or diesel since if it is an older model it can be either. 
Fuel gets into the oil from a rich mixture (both fuels), leaking injector (diesel), misadjusted carburetor or choke (gas), a leaking internally lift pump (gas or diesel), many short run times (gas), poor maintenance (gas, diesel).
You need to change the oil and filter and then investigate why the fuel is getting into the crankcase. Feel free to contact me again with more information so that I can be of more help.
Ray, SF Engine Man"