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Agronomist from Brazil

Hello, my name is Orlando Possuelo, I have 34 years old and im from Brazil (Fortaleza) I am a building technician and recently completed my graduation in Agronomy Engineering.

In December i will travel to LA - California, and stay for 4 months, just to learn english and may be do extension courses.

I will love to visit some farms and make contacts with other agronomist to share experience and knowledge.


Does anyone know a good place that i can do extension courses in subjetcts like, irrigation, soil or nutrients? What about farms, does anyone know nice places to visit?


I will go to US with a tourist visa so i cant work, but maybe I can help with some knowledge or opinion.


PS: Sorry about my english.


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Re: Agronomist from Brazil

See if the University of California land grant universities have any programs.

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Re: Agronomist from Brazil

Thanks for replying my message. 

Unfortunately my visa was denied, so i will not travel to US anymore.


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