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Calica papaya IPB9. How to get seeds in USA!

Hey all! Newbie farmer here. I'm learning because the whole pandemic madness made me want to become more self-sufficient but now I'm starting to really like this!

Currently, I have a goal to grow some papaya trees. This is for self-consumption and for my family, not to do it a commercial level but I want to put myself in the best position to actually succeed.

So I researched and it was advised for me to grow any of these papaya varieties:

1- IPB9 Carica Papaya also known as Papaya California

2- Solo Sunrise Papaya

3- Red lady Papaya

I was able to purchase some seeds for 2 and 3 off of ebay. They are not certified seeds, but the seller says that's the right variety so I'm trusting them on that and the description of the product matches the right variety based on what I have learned.

However, I have not been able to buy any seeds of the IPB9 variety even though it is said to be the most grown worldwide for it's properties such as drought resistant, pest resistant, large yield and the fruit can also be moved long distances. 

All I can find when I try to buy IPB9 papaya seeds is weird marketplaces in India and other places many of which based on my research are full of scammers, who coincidently expect me to wire them money via western union and want me to buy $200+ of seeds and pay shipping.

What I'm wondering. Do any of you know how to get some of these seeds shipped from USA? My understanding is this variety was developed in California, USA... but is near impossible to find these seeds in USA at least for me. If you know how to get these please share!

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