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Converting farmland into pasture???

Hello! Just purchased 70 acres of farmland and looking to turn the land into grass pasture. We're in southwest Michigan where the soil is mostly clay and loam. Corn was the last crop to grow there.


Looking for rough expected costs and completion timelines. 


Many thanks!

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Re: Converting farmland into pasture???

Use bout 12 to 16 lbs of Japanese Millet per acre, 1/2 bu of oats and 1/2 bu of wheat as your cover crop.


Also mix in some red and alsike and white clover, for sure add some grazing ( rizhomous ) alfalfa.


Add brome, Russian wild rye, big and little bluestem, Indian grass, some prairie wild flowers.


add some western wheatgrass and perhaps intermediate wheat grass.

add a decent shot of orchard grass.


Welter Seed and Honey , Cascade Iowa is likely your best seed source.


also Albert Lea Seedhouse at Albert Lea Minnesota is a decent source at times.


All seed counts per pound are on the Internet. And w 43560 squ ft per acre.


Do some math, build yourself a nice Mixture....just mix w a scoop shovel in a metal water tank works, btw.


The Key to a good stand is Seed to Soil Contact....And shallow shallow planted grass and legumes.


say just use a fertilizer spreader to broadcast your seeds,

you should be able to get 1 at the local coop w gas engine on it....pull it w a 4 wheel drive pickup perhaps.


Or just buy a broadcast seeder that fits right on the rear of your pickup....those are cheap new and usefull forever.


Once seeds are broadcasted on just disc lightly....very lightly and a single disc pulls behind a pickup just fine.   Then drag it in.  Say drag 2 to 4 times.

btw w a Heavy drag you won't need to disc lightly.


Do it right and seed runs bout $30 per acre.

Your Income by haying the Japanese Millet will run bout $50 per ton Net, at say 10 to 15 tons per acre.

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