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Food-Grade Industrial Hemp GRAIN production Meeting

Legacy Hemp will be holding an industrial hemp grain production meeting, free to the public, on January 22, 2020.  Learn the ins and outs of industrial hemp GRAIN production with Legacy Hemp, LLC. It is important to know, we are after the grain, not CBD or other cannabinoids, so if you're a traditional farmer or know one, keep reading. 

This educational seminar event, sponsored in part by the University of ND and the ND Department of Agriculture, the event will teach you, the farmer, everything you need to know to raise the industrial hemp grain crop, successfully and legally. 

In order to grow and harvest industrial hemp grain, you will need a grain drill for planting and a combine with a draper header (preferred).

Farmers willing and who meet our qualifications may be offered grain production contracts through our sister company Legacy Hemp Ingredients, LLC.

Qualifications for hemp grain production contracts include:
1.) Securing Grower's License in your State. 
2.) Minimum  hemp Acreage of 50
3.) Securing Storage and Drying of the hemp grain in time for Harvest

ND and Western MN is a target for Legacy Hemp Ingredients, LLC for its high yielding potential. The University of ND's three-year-average variety trial of our cultivar X-59 shows that this area does exceedingly well. 

If you're a farmer experienced in corn or soy products, you already have the necessary equipment to harvest hemp. You will need access to a grain drill for planting and combine to harvest

Please RSVP with your contact information below.

Meet us here January 22, 2020 by 9 am sharp!

AgCountry Farm Credit Services
4350 32nd Avenue South
Grand Forks, 58201

Thank You


9:00 AM – Welcome
Ken Anderson, Legacy Hemp President

9:15 AM – Regulation and Testing
David Ripplinger, North Dakota Department of Ag

9:45 AM – Crop Insurance
Kim Harris, AgriLogic Consulting

10:15 AM – Hemp Herbicide Studies
Joseph Mettler, NDSU


11:00 AM – Planting
Bryan Parr, Legacy Hemp Agronomist


12: 15 PM – Harvest
Bryan Parr, Legacy Hemp Agronomist
Paul Sproule, Sproule Farms

1:15 PM – Contracting
Bryan Parr, Legacy Hemp Agronomist

1:30 PM – Market and Closing
Ken Anderson, Legacy Hemp President

1:45 PM – Adjourn

See you there at 9 am sharp. Bring your farmer friends too.


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Re: Food-Grade Industrial Hemp GRAIN production Meeting

The Website is:

a direct link to the RSVP page is:


You can message me directly via the website. I may be slow to reply here.

Thank you.

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Re: Food-Grade Industrial Hemp GRAIN production Meeting

jnjeaniv, thanks for sharing.

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