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Paying for short term temporary help

A friend of mine, who has a small hay operation as a side business, is entering a new phase of his operation. So far he has been able to do almost all of the work (mowing, tedding, raking, and baling) by himself. The only help he has ever needed is to unload wagons which he has been able to rely on his wife for assistance. Now they are both getting too old and want to hire a couple local high school kids to do the unloading. We are talking about maybe 2 days of work, twice a year, so 4 days per year total. We know that there are many farmers who pay short term employees like this under the table, much like a homeowner might pay a kid to mow their lawn. However, we can't seem ti find any official documents anywhere that says this is legal. Everything we see says you have to withhold taxes (FITW, soc sec, etc.). He doesn't want to go through all of that just for the small amount of time he needs help, nor does he want to open the can of worms related to other related things like workmen's comp, etc. Does anyone know if there are any legal exceptions that would allow him to get around this?

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