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Paying off a Loan for New Property

Hello, My mom is looking at a property in West Virginia with 6 acres. Less than half is forest, and the rest is hilly grassland with a small pond. She needs to get a loan and wants to be able to pay it off as fast as possible. We need advice and guidance as to what to do, like farming and selling crops or whatever. In her own words "She wants to know what kind of crops are quick and easy to kickstart the business while we establish bigger plans?"



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Re: Paying off a Loan for New Property

Look at seeding mushrooms in the wooded area, perhaps a small sheep or goat herd.  Maybe raise sweetcorn and sell it at a stand, watermelons, asparagus and such.   You could also raise a lot of free range chickens and the buyers would hand you the $$$ and say "keep the change!".



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Re: Paying off a Loan for New Property

Talk to the local county extension agent.  

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Re: Paying off a Loan for New Property

I advise you to contact a real estate company, they will definitely give you the right advice. The idea is, frankly, a good one. But be careful, because now there are a lot of scammers and fake trust companies that enrich themselves at the expense of inexperienced investors. My first real estate was renting out apartments. I saved up a certain amount of money, turned to these guys , which helped me find a suitable option in the field of business. I was given a lot of useful advice on business development, and we signed a lot of documents with all the little things. The main thing is to understand what is now popular in the market

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Re: Paying off a Loan for New Property

today there are tons of youtube videos to help also look into a csa and also if she is on facebook reach out some great groups i can help her get into and have her follow my facebook business page as i post a lot of stuff on how to get farming government grants ~ Edd Gimenez @ Southern Farm Innovations LLC 

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Re: Paying off a Loan for New Property

Maybe honey bees


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