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Need assistance for an elder friend.


His name is Jack and he owns a farm down in Preston, Maryland.


For the longest time now, Jack has wanted someone to help with, and eventually take over, the farm but can't seem to find anyone locally interested. So I told him that I would reach out online and see what I can do to help him.


Jack is in his late 70's and pretty much set in his ways when it comes to farming and what he wants. Basically, he wants someone he can pass his farming knowledge onto and eventually leave the farm in the hands of someone who will KEEP IT A FARM. He doesn't want the land to become victim to multiple housing, strip-malls, or any other type of development that would basically rape the land of being a farm.


If anyone is interested, or if you would like to be put in contact with Jack to talk with him one-on-one, please respond.



If this kind of message is not allowed here then I apologize. Please delete this and contact me so I can delete this account.


I myself am NOT a farmer or into any type of agriculture. However, I have the most respect for those of you who are.


Thank you!



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It seems like five years ago I would read about young people who just wanted a chance to farm.  Now I don't see much of that.  I don't know if they have decided to do something else or just lost interest because the profit potential isn't enough.  

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