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Structure And Performance Of Single Row Corn Harvester

The structure of Aike single-row corn harvester is very simple. Compared with other corn harvesters, its characteristics are very prominent. The failure rate is very low and the stability is very strong, which is widely recognized by users. Our factory China walking tractor single-row corn harvester can directly installed on a single-cylinder small four-wheel tractor with 18-30 horsepower. It is easy to operate and flexible. It can use in tractors to harvest corn when it is busy. Demolition does not delay the normal use of the tractor. The single-row corn harvester for walking tractors can complete the work of harvesting, picking, smashing, smashing and returning the field at one time, and adding a straw and other work as needed. It is ideal equipment for corn harvesting. Now Aike mechanical walking tractor single-row corn harvester for sale, welcome everyone to come and buy.
Operation Process OF Single Row Corn Harvester
Direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester, when harvesting corn, the fallen straw is picked up by the divider, and the star-shaped reel with curved and sliding shape will gather into the pile of fallen straw. Sliding into the header, while loosening the congested straw so that it is not jammed on the header so that the effect of harvesting the fallen corn can be achieved. The Factory supply and widely used agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester are simple to operate and reliable.