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Texas Farming


   I have been interested in farming all my life, and want to start a new generation of farmers in my family. I am looking to see where the best place for me to start my small farm would be, but don't know much about where farming is good. I have always loved Texas, but is it too dry for farming now and more best for ranching. I have always loved Texas Hill Country, but again, I don't know if that area is suited for farming. I am looking for a small town USA type of place to farm, with nice friendly people. Is Texas like tat, or should I look elsewhere?



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Re: Texas Farming

I am an agronomist engineer with enough experience in many crops, I am focused in the United States market if you like, we can cross ideas to see if we can start an agricultural project together
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Re: Texas Farming

Texas is a diverse state and has quite varied soil and climate.  Check out the Texas A&M Extension department for tons of information on farming in Texas.

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