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looking for advice on starting an orchard, for a hobby..

On my mom's property; we have two different types of lemon trees, blueberries, a persimmon tree, mulberries, an apple tree an a few pears. 

One of the few things we're having issues with is blight that effects almost every fruit we grow and I want to know what I should do to protect the fruit we have from it; another couple of questions I have is the space I have and which one of the trees or bushes we got that I want to expand on. The first lemon we have is a tall Myer that has a lot of lemons that often don't get used, The persimmon tree, attracts a lot of wildlife and insects that afflict the fruit before it's ripe. 

I like the idea of planting the lemons in the back yard because even though many people don't privately buy lemons for home use, there are restaurants that need them for tea, but again the tree we have doesn't have adequate evening sun and have to be home ripened to get from green to yellow. And then there is the blight that I need to know how to handle but I hope my coming here will teach me how to handle it. Also, our property isn't big enough for subsidies and I'm wondering what I should do as far as taxwise to be a licensed as a farm..

Other than that, what would you suggest I do as far as planning.. I need something to do...

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