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Re: 2017 Cattle Market Predictions

 Watching what has happened to the Holstein market over the last few weeks is sickening. I am attaching a link to a research project that compared the performance of Holsteins to other breeds of cattle. I was surprised how well the Holsteins performed.  


Was there any reason given as to why Tyson decided to stop purchasing Holsteins?


I know that the dairy industry is the hardest hit by the Holstein price drop; however, if packers can plummet the price of Holstein cattle this easily, they could do the same with any other group. Pick any breed or color of cattle, which one will drop next.


If Holsteins routinely perform as well as they did in the research project that I attached the link to, at current prices, they are probably one of the most profitable purchases packers are currently buying. Profitable for the packers, that is.