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Re: 2017 Cattle Market Predictions

r3020 -  Seems  WALL-mert  jumps around on these ddddeals quite frequently on wholesale aQuizations -  yard equipment , auto suppliers, etc.  Comes grilling season the who  noze what the meat market will display ? 


As far as market guess's - put your $$$  on the roulette spinning wheel -   remember the daze when the stockyard commision man explained due to bad weather & road conditions  '' they'' can't get the trucks thru to move the meat ???  Sure worked back when & drive down Soo City & Omaha fat cattle prices which seemed some what acceptable at the time ---


'' Duuupping ''' our consumer folks today on retail beef $$$ pricing spred is extremely interesting ???


Also find it interesting the chatter from midwest political masters on air handwringing about mergers for the seed suppliers while just a short time ago '' consolidation '' was the niffty, latest, BUZZ WORD  fad in the meat market arena ---