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2017 Cattle Market Predictions


We are now one week into 2017. What do you think the cattle market will do this year?


I am, as always, perpetually unsure. However, since I am asking others for an opinion, I will share my current thought.


My best, and most likely inaccurate prediction is that the cattle market will end the year almost steady with where it is today. Fats selling in the range of 115 cwt to 120 cwt at the end of 2017. I am guessing that the market will have both upward and downward movement through this year, but I do not think that the movement will be significant in either direction. Probably no more than 20 cwt up or down on fats this year.


Ok, so now that I have probably made a fool of myself, as I all too often do, I will add that the above is my prediction because it is what I want the cattle market to do. The record highs of 2013 and 2014 were very exciting, but the disappointments of 2015 and 2016 overshadowed the highs. I have had more than I want of the cattle market’s stress, drama, highs, and lows. I am hopeful that 2017 will offer a steady cattle market.


Alright, that was more than enough of my wishful thinking; What are your 2017 predictions?