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Re:The "Spumk" is yet to arrive

gonna be an extended Bullish year.


Cash will lead the board Alll year long.


SHOULD have new record high cattle by year end.

( new presidents and new record spending all help...happens Every Time )


bout august folks be sitting around bored with $145cwt tradit fats w many opining just going to be boring thru year end...

Then just like 2003 ( the 1st record Export year ) things gonna rock and roll.

say Spunky Sept and pulling green green green cattle forward in Oct.


say some where between $174cwt and $214cwt tradit fats by year end.

say some $6 cash Midwest corn riding along too.


might as will stay conservative and pick the Middle: say $194cwt high on tradit fats 2017.


Meanwhile...back at the boring spring ranch, say the Spring Fling has yet to get wings....soooo be bout $152cwt tradit fats Tama in the next 60 days.