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Re: Re:The "Spumkier Yet coming soon

While I like your price prediction, I am less than excited about your time prediction.  


Your time prediction appears logical, as I have read that there is supposed to be a considerable quantity of cattle in the pipeline that will be turned into dinner in the September-October timeframe.  


Perhaps this is bazaar, but there is something that I normally like about a bearish market.  From my viewpoint lower prices signal opportunity.  Anytime we buy cattle I always wish that we could have purchased them for a little bit less.  Then when we sell them I wish we had purchased them for considerably less.  Perhaps I have a knack for selling at the bottom of a market cycle.  


Currently, I would like to see a short term lower market because if we ever get our fence back up (a very important water gap washed out this spring and has remained under water since, which has severely limited our ability to run cattle) we will be restocking with cattle and, as always, I try to find a source where I can source top quality #1's for the price of half-dead #2's.  


However, I am also aware of the fact that with our current feedlot cattle it appears that time wise I have once again picked the bottom of the market.  So, while I am normally all for a bearish market, I am currently hoping that the market bulls take charge for a few months before the end of this year.