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Re: Beef cattle farming 101

I would say buy 20hd of 4 weight Angus heifer calves, since you have the land for feed, it would be little as possible out of your pocket.  Raise them up and see if you like it along the way, you could probably bail at any time and get your money somewhat back.  When they`re old enough buy a good Angus bull and get them bred to calve in a little on the warmer/drier side of spring and go from there.  There`s a preference towards Black Angus cattle and when starting from scratch, you might as well do it right the first time.


Then if you like it, keep back heifer calves and or buy more 4 weight heifer calves to build the herd.   After you decide you like it, you can get cute doing winter calving and A.I-ing and stuff like that.  Good Luck

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