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Re: Case for country of origin labeling in nutshell.

The thing is, if the consumers get a package of rotten meat one time, that could turn them off of meat all together.  Look what happened with mutton, other countries eat lamb and this country did also, but the Army cooks in WWII and WWI ruined it, they didn`t know how to prepare it and it was probably old ewe meat to begin with.   Well those returning servicemen absolutely forbid lamb to be served in their home after their bad experience.


And when we don`t differentiate  between sources of meats in the supermarket counter and restaurants, we really put the reputation of our domestic product at risk.  We have zero control over what goes on in Brazil or Mexico, here we do a pretty good job, there at least isn`t the corruption that foreign countries have.


That "It`s not one world" quote came from Paul Harvey that used to comment on the craziness going on in foreign countries and would never fly in this country.  Though globalism seems to want to force the dogs and cats to eat together.