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Cattle Like Dad's Trailer.....Too Much!

After selling a pen of fats for what I think was likely the absolute bottom of the market; (Yes, I seem to have talent for selling cattle in the market lows.) we decided to become brave and restock our overgrown pastures.


Tonight, we hauled a start to our next pen into our corrals.  The cattle on the lower level of the cattle pot happily walked off the trailer and started eating the foot tall grass that has grown up in our corrals, drinking from the waterers, and exploring the lots. 


Meanwhile, the cattle on the upper level of the cattle pot refused to exit.  Evidently, they like Dad’s trailer.  With 100F. temps this afternoon, perhaps the upper level had a nice breeze in it. After about an hour of trying to get the bovines on the upper level to exit, Dad and I decided to just leave them on the trailer overnight with the unloading route set up so they can join the others in the corrals whenever they get their dumb little brains functioning again.


Hopefully, they will have unloaded themselves by morning.