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Cattle Market Price Graphs

I put together a graph comparing four different cattle markets.


The blue line is the futures market. I sourced the numbers from’s historical data.


The gray line is the fed cattle exchange. I sourced the numbers from and used the weighted average price listed at the top of the market report.


The green line is the livestock weekly showing prices from the Texas Panhandle. I sourced the numbers from the weekly newspaper, but you can also see some of the info on


The red line is Tama’s Livestock Auction. I source the numbers from and used the average price for the greatest number of steers or heifers. Example: for the January 4, 2017, sale I averaged the 122-123.75 cwt for the group of 67 steers that sold to give me the average price of 122.875 cwt.


I think it will be interesting to see if the cash cattle prices follow the board this year.


The second graph is a continuation of the 2016 Tama Choice Steer and Holstein comparison. It uses the average price of Choice steers and Holsteins from the Tama Livestock Auction market report.


2017 Cattle Market Price Graph.jpg

2016-2017 Tama Choice Steer & Choice Holstein Comparison.jpg


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