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Re: Cattlemen and Cattlewomen take note

Yeah, now $1200 bred cows, but a few years ago in the "tulip mania" days, bred heifers (good ones) over $3,000.    Look on your list of calf prices, post the corn & bean prices to those years, then you`ll have something to be sorry about, we`re below C.o.P in most of the grain in those years, yet on the worst calf price year, they were profitable.  Don`t get me wrong, I`m happy about it, I get a small chunk of it...but of all the commodities the cow/calf operation has the least to belly ache about by far.  I mean carry a cow $600/yr and sell a $900-$1200 calf?  Gimmee a break


Oh I know a new Dodge 1 ton with flatbed and Featherlite trailer and Powder River corals....yeah it`s possible to spend your self broke regardless of calf prices.