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Re: Cattlemen and Cattlewomen take note

A packer is paying close to $1 for the actual meat that they sell to the grocery store that THEN sells it for $3.50lb.  I guess I don`t see how we`re really being screwed in any of this.  Yes, if one of the two  the buyers that`s sitting at the salebarn with his twenty-something girlfriend isn`t in a good mood, it`ll just be the other buyer bidding against the auctioneer that will get you the price, which won`t be much...I think that`s where the "taking" of the producer occurs.


The grocery store sells beef and pork for what the market will bear.  If they don`t sell it, they smell it.   The packer is beholding to the grocery store and if the customer goes somewhere else, they`re stuck with it.


I see 5 cents of corn in a $4 box of cereal and 5 cents of wheat in a $2 loaf of bread.   We sell a cow for 65 cents and the supermarket sells hamburger for $ my opinion, hamburger is a very economical purchase.


If you disagree, go to the salebarn and buy cows, take them to the locker for processing and peddle the beef out the back of your pickup for $3.50lb and see how you like it....Good luck.