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Feeder cattle in old dairy country

I won`t be specific in the areas, but it seems to me a strong old dairy part of the world they would quit milking and buy the "best $1,000 Angus bull" they could afford and put him on their Holsteins.  Year after year $1,000 Angus bulls, but they still have that stein base.  400lbs feeders that have past frozen ears (in other words born in February) but are 4 weight calves now.


IMO they should`ve sold their steins and bought Angus/Sim or whatever, because if you`re raising and carrying the feed, you could just as well be to stuff that`ll be top of the market.   But what happens to the beef supply when that stein gene is washed out one day and $4,000 bulls are bought and 650lb calves are green tagged and weaned?