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Re: Feeder cattle in old dairy country

Hey Blacksand, the "Certified Black Angus" got stretched pretty thin with Holsteins passing through with that designation, if Steins are .80 and real Angus are $1.10, there`s some margin for packers to`ve done some things.  It seems there`s 3 kinds of cow milkers these days, one has a muddy lot, iron weeds growing around the fences, a barn door hanging on one hinge and a old Rupp snowmobile leaning against the fence.   Then the "Princess Kay of the Milkyway" milkers got their 200 cow, old money show places.  Then the Bigshot with concrete everywhere, Tyne Morgan and Max Armstrong interview him on his expanding from "7,500 cows to milking 10,000 cows".   The first two are struggling, but the last operation can`t spend a seemingly endless supply of money.