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Re: Feeder cattle in old dairy country

dairy farmers are dairy farmers are dairy farmers and if they have Holsteins, you ain't gonna get them to change and mess up the genetics by throwing a beef breed in the mix. High yield is still number one on the road to profit, whether grain farming or dairy farming, or any other farming.The bull calves that are born are just the crap sandwich they have to eat about 50% of the time, they want the female replacements. Anymore with the advent of IVF and ET and sexed semen and Genome testing it gets even better for getting that high producing female and keeping the genetic line pure and going.  Dairy Farmers are a different breed, they have to be, why there are so few of them. Plus, with the new tech, they sell genetics for bigger dollars than you can imagine. World Dairy Expo was just last week , they were selling embryos for more than people get for 20 live proven cows......... 


A guy I buy and sell beef cattle with went into a venture two years ago buying some high dollar beef heifers with the express purpose of selling embryos out of them. I haven't had a one of them birth a calf yet but we have sold a bunch of embryos out of them to Japan and S.America and profit per is astronomical. Always more than one way to get stuff done.