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Accepted Solution

I watched "The Cowboys" the other night.

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John Wayne/ Bruce Dern, 1972


I am curious to know if there is any difference between the work of real-world cowboys and 

Hollywood cowboy pictures even starring The Duke, himself. 


Would under-aged cowboys really have been hired on trail drives back in the old days?


Was Mr. Anderson right in locking up the young cowboys' guns in the chuck wagon?


Shouldn't cowboys on trail drives be men of age and always armed to protect the herd from rustlers as well as themselves from wild animals, snakes and Indians?


Was Mr. Anderson wrong in finally hiring on that troublesome Hispanic young fellow?


I hated that arrogant, snotty Cimmaron punk: yes, he saved that other cowboy from drowning in the river but demanded reward money

unlike any true hero. 


The young cowboy in glasses: in spite of that fear of God the long-haired man instilled in him, should he have STILL told his boss about the bad guys who followed them as soon as possible? 


The unfortunate young cowboy who went down into the depression to save a pair of glasses and got trampled to death by all the cows 

holed up down there: is it really dangerous to ride your horse into an area where cattle are tightly confined? 



I loved that scene with the black cook about to be hanged: God forgive me for all the men I have killed and those I am about to.....