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Notch Your Hat

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Down , and don't forget to mark em out.  


China is is where the beef is going.


This is the 3rd month in a row of record beef imports by China, 

say they're importing 80% more beef than last year.


Say 92,000+ tonnes per month now, 

And the 3rd month in a row beef imports by China have eclipsed their pork imports.

Btw, pork imports by China are Down 2.2% so far, 2018.


Thru Oct say bout 830,000 tonnes of beef imports to China.


I expect say 1,000,000+ tonnes of beef to China for 2018.

Grant that is only bout 4,500,000+ head of finished cattle.


This is the front of an Extraterritorial market encounter most folks never encounter.


The Tiger is loose.

I expect China to import say 20,000,000 head of cattle i.e. Beef equivalent in 2019.