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Re: Notch Your Hat

Hey Craig, a guy on C.L at Riceville has alfalfa rounds at $200 and alfalfa/grass at $175, he didn`t say per ton or bale.  But, a lot of alfalfa died out this year around here, some say it was only the Renk`s alfalfa.  My new seeding of Albert :Lea Seedhouse is doing fine.  


But that $7 corn, guys plowed up hay, figuring on buying it cheap and paying for it with $7 corn.  Well corn went to $3 and they needed to sell more of it, so they keep having to buy hay and the supply doesn`t keep up.  Around here farmers always say "if I run out of hay, I`ll sell cows rather than buy hay!" but that never happens, they go to hay auctions and look straight ahead and buy their hay needs every week at what ever price.