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Records for beef cattle??

We have decided to re-enter beef cattle production. This mostly involves making better use of 400 acres of fenced pasture and open hay land. After an irrigation extension is installed next week, we will have about a fourth of that irrigated from our hog lagoons.

I know this is a crazy expensive time to be buying breeding stock. It is what it is...we feel waiting will not make that part any less painful. The money is earning zilch in the savings accounts anyway.

We ran a few beef cows 20 years ago, mostly to use marginal acres too hilly to farm on Mike's place in VA. Now, all of our open land is in forages, with cash crops like peanuts and tobacco bought out. We really didn't need records for the few animals back then...heading for what I think will eventually be 75-100 brood cows, and all of them will be basically black, we will not be able to say, " Daisy had a calf last night."

I am not the best computer geek. Quickbooks Simple version is about my speed. I have Excel, of course, but not many skills with it. Wondering what programs might suffice for a simple cow-calf operation. I have kept full farrowing records for about this many sows on index cards, and could be as happy using cards for the cows, too.

Any comments to help me get started right would be greatly appreciated.