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Water to Cattle (Ideas Needed)

Had a big storm last night that knocked the power out. Electric company is estimating between 24-48 hours before it is back.


Currently trying to think of a way to get water to cattle in corrals. The corrals have automatic waterers that will not refill without electricity. An empty water tank in the corrals has about 2” of water in it. When they drink that they are thirsty.


It is way to muddy to get a trailer back to the corrals today. We cannot release the cattle to pasture because the pasture surrounding the corrals currently has fence down.


The only way we have to access the corrals right now is if our RTV or a loader can get back there. We normally haul water with a tote, but all of our tote’s are currently full with liquid feed and I believe that it is too muddy to haul a tote back there right now even if we had an empty one.


More rain is forecasted for today.


So, what are your recommendations?



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