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Accepted Solution

cattle-- cycle, prices..,, beef demand,,, weights et al.

I badly need to expand my network of those interested inand discussing  > beef ,   cattle,  prices,   supply demand,   beef demand curve,  where we are at etc.   IE I think red ink has flowed for 3-4 years in feeding cattle ? Large implications. 


There has been some discussion here in the past, are there any of you out there?    I really believe we are in a very critial time,

where decisions made in the next QTR, could have big implications to any of our economics. 


Cow-calf, full time beef feeders, part time holstein etc feeders.  Even to the most economic way to market corn considering the

possible spaly of corn prod, and outcomes this yr and next. 

Are you out there  ???????????????/


In a day ofr so I will post some of my themes and wish for feedback, critical analysis and hope some others will throw out their ideas.

     Thanks, Pritch  ..