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wrightcattle, Heifer Update and Thank You

Thank you for putting a load together for us last week.


Dad and I unloaded the heifers just after daybreak Sunday morning.  All travelled well and arrived in good shape.


As you surmised, their temperament is excellent.  Very happy with that.  One of the whitefaces nearly ate DDG’s out of my hand Sunday afternoon.  She was about to sample them, but when her nose touched my hand, she backed off.  She and several others did eat DDG’s out of a feed bunk with me standing about 18 inches away.  The whole group seemed very calm even though they had just arrived in a totally new environment.


Dad and I are keeping the heifers in a pen for a couple of days with hay before turning them out on the green grass pasture.  Dad mixed ground hay with liquid feed and mineral for our cows when we had a cold spell.  Our persnickety cows refused to eat it.  We were very glad when the heifers went right for it and started eating big mouthfuls.  (It is always nice when cows seem appreciative of the environment that they are provided.)  Sunday (yesterday) afternoon most of the heifers were laying down in their pen chewing the cud, so I think they are happy.


If I have time, I may post some pictures of them later this week.  [It is pouring rain here right now; so, if the heifers look like mudballs all week, I will probably wait until next week to post pics of them.  (I should have known it would rain, since I took the time to water plants this evening.)]


Thanks again,