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2018 Cattle Graphs thru May

First time posting all of these graphs together this year (I know, I am slower than frozen molasses).


Tama steer vs. holstein graph.  Over the last few weeks Holsteins have weathered the market decline better than fats.  Somewhat interesting.

Tama Choice Steer & Choice Holstein Comparison.jpg

The board vs. Livestock Weekly.  The board prices I am using are from, the Fat cattle prices are from the Livestock Weekly newspaper.  I find it interesting how cash follows the board with a little delay - especially in April and May.

2018 Live Cattle Comparison Graph.jpg

Boxed beef vs. Live cattle.  I am comparing the Bone In Rib Ribeye (numbers taken from with the Board's Live cattle price (numbers taken from  This graph would be better in a different format, but I have not taken the time to redo it.  Anyway, I will see if there are any noticeable trends between the two prices.

2018 Meat vs. Live Comparison Graph.jpg

Final graph is the Feeder Board price graph (number taken from  I should have added a comparison with actual feeder sale prices, but I didn't.  I will try to add one next year.

2018 Feeder Board Price Graph.jpg


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Re: 2018 Cattle Graphs thru May

Thanks for the graphs. Interesting. Last week we delivered a January contracted load of Holsteins for June delivery to Pennsylvanian. Total pounds delivered to the local market where they were loaded onto the truck divided by the total dollars received was $.98/lb. Feel pretty good about this load. Our first experience of selling a semi load grade and yield.

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Re: 2018 Cattle Graphs thru May



Thank you for posting how your load turned out.  I am glad you were pleased with the results.  I am sure that it feels great to receive a strong price for your Holsteins!



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